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It’s a legal requirement for dogs in public, in the UK to have ID tags. This has been a challenge to find tags that are tough, durable and sleddog proof!

When my boys run as a pair they are hooked together, by a neckline. It’s safer and better for them to run together this way, we can get up to speeds of around 30mph,so collars have to be super tough and any vulnerability will be exposed. That means no plastic, metal products must be near bullet proof and fastenings must be able to withstand quite some force.

I’ve had issues with all types of the above from plastic breaking to material ripping and discs disappearing (normally on their first outing). The slide on tags (top left photo), I’ve only had one bend, but they are very hard to take on and off for cleaning or when washing collars. If you have a dog that loves to wear the aftershave of fox poo around his neck, the tapping of the tag rumbling around the washing machine, does eventually evoke those same feelings of wishing to punch the person who chews and chomps really loudly when eating.

Here’s a cautionary tale. A group of us were out training on Salisbury Plain. We were waiting for everyone to get ready and the dogs were obviously really excited and chomping at the bit to get going. One of the stronger dogs was a little too keen to go and in his eagerness snapped the line attaching him to the bike and his owner. Most sleddogs once off, only have one thing on their mind and that’s to keep on running. I’m sure my friends dog was having a blast racing across the plains, but we were all panic struck and a dog that is wired to run who gets free, is the stuff of nightmares for those of us that run dogs in harness. Luckily things ended well and the escapee was collected safe, but he was found running down a main road, his ID tag meant we got the phone call saying he was safe quickly and without the need for him to be taken to a vets to have his chip read. The dog was probably only gone for around 10 minutes, but it seemed like forever and what a relief to get that call. It was there and then I decided my guys would not go out without tags again.

So what’s the best ID tags for active and sporting dogs? We all want to stay in line with the law and not risk a potential £5000 fine or more importantly increase the chances of your dog being returned quickly if lost…….Flexitags have been the solution for me.

These slide on collar tags come in a variety of colours and are engraved with a diamond tip. Whilst that sounds really cool and a tad James Bond like, it also mean your details have more durability, with a refined and classy finish (and a side order of Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred!).Unlike other slide on tags these bad boys slide on and off with ease, but the silicone rubber bands give excellent grip to stop the tags from moving. The silicone also sits between the tag and collar, which seems to give it extra grip and a degree of cushioning. I think this may also help with impacts or to stop the metal tag getting damaged or bent…..so far so good.

The only weakness I can see would be the silicone band. Silicone manufacturers state that well made bands should last at least 2 years, but to check for signs of wear and tear. I remember buying a Lance Armstrong yellow Livestrong band, when they were fashionable back in 2004 and that band well outlived the trend to wear them. Over the years some 80 millions bands have been produced and there are very few stories of them breaking. However Flexitags have a solution if the band degrades, replacements can be purchased for just £2.50 and in a choice of colours.

So after a considerable amount of tag trial and error it seems Flexitags have possibly produced a sled and sporting dog proof tag and at a very reasonable price. As an extra ‘Brucey bonus,’ Karen at Flexitags provides a friendly, fast and efficient service.

Finally would I recommend this product…….you bet!

For further info, etc please visit:- https://www.flexitags.co.uk/

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