Have dog….have an adventure?

If you’ve got a dog then welcome to the world of fur, muddy paws, ungodly smells, grassy vomit, to name a few, but also adventures with a creature that has this amazing capacity to really enjoy the simple things in life and love with out limits.

I have 3 dogs who I’ll introduce in time, but first lets tackle what is adventuredogsonline?

Essentially it’s a place to share stories, laughs and adventures with our canine buddies. Maybe we’ll inspire someone to try something different or discover a new place or even just share experiences and photos of life with our dogs. We’ve all embarked on the this dog crazy adventure and we all have something to share. Got a story to share? Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

There will also be a fair amount about life with my crazy trio and the sport we do called bikejoring, which is an offshoot of sleddog sports. I’m pretty lucky to travel and race abroad and we have such a blast, that sometimes I just wanna shout about it from the hilltops. A blog however seemed the more sensible option!

So who am I?

I’m Chantelle and I’m the ripe old age of 51. As long as I can remember I’ve been transfixed by dogs.  I was that annoying kid always petting strange mutts and pleading with my parents to adopt every dog I met. They tried to placate me with a toy substitute, which barked and walked (until I dropped him, probably much to my family’s relief). My sister says I was in tears for weeks at his demise and as soon as I moved out of home, the first thing I did was head straight to the dogs home and adopt a stray.

I called him Benson, street name of Benseenybadboi!! The only defence I can offer to this naming tragedy was I was 21 at the time and it seemed cool!! Bensy was your archetypal Heinz variety, but sort of resembled a collie cross.

He was an incredible dog and came everywhere with me. I worked as a ski instructor at the local dry ski slope and he would chase me up the lift and then back down all day long. All the regulars knew him and he had quite the following. Benson happily accepted the eventual arrival of my 2 kids and slept in their rooms equally, sharing his love around. He did have a lot of love to give and was the perfect family dog. Benson’s black coat gradually became flecked with grey and his eyesight started to fail, but my boy lived until he was 18.

It is true that a house isn’t a home without a dog. Benson left a big gaping whole in all our lives. It was the simple things like missing the thud of him jumping off the bed when I returned home and seeing him bimble down the stairs, whilst his tail wagged at supersonic speed. I even missed the tapping of his paws on the floor.

It wasn’t long until my next dog came along and she was a game changer. She would transform my life completely and set me on a path that would take me around the World, onto Dragon’s Den, lose a body part, throw my family life into turmoil and eventually bring everything crashing down to the very worst and lowest time of my life……..to be continued

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